San Juan County Economic Development Council | Helping islands businesses to thrive

Board Members & Staff

Current Board Members

  • Mark Madsen , President, San Juan Island
  • Gretchen Staehlin, Vice-President, San Juan Island
  • Marilyn Gresseth, Secretary/Treasurer, San Juan Island
  • Charlie Bodenstab, San Juan Island
  • Lance Evans, Orcas Island
  • John Evans, Orcas Island
  • Gary Franklin, San Juan Island
  • Mike Ahrenius, San Juan Island
  • Mike Sanders, San Juan Island
  • Bill Appel, Waldron Island

EDC Staff

  • Victoria Compton, Executive Director
  • Jeanne Peihl, Project Coordinator

Honorary Members of the EDC

  • Rick Hughes, San Juan County Council
  • Steve Hushebeck, Council Member, Town of Friday Harbor
  • Becki Day, San Juan Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Lia Noreen, Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce