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Fund Local

Fund Local Project is an initiative of the Washington State Department of Commerce and Community Sourced Capital. Working with local economic development organizations throughout the state, Fund Local is a crowdfunding strategy where companies can get 0% interest loans of up to $5,000. Fund Local allows local investors and customers to support your business’ growth and expansion through an innovative funding mechanism that fills a much needed gap in loans for small businesses.

Growing Rural Entrepreneurs (GRE)

Entrepreneurship is recognized as critical to the future of rural Washington.   Growing Rural Entrepreneurs helps rural communities move away from a primary and difficult strategy of business attraction and focus on building a sustainable community from within through entrepreneurship. The objective is to provide programs for entrepreneurs and communities that stimulate the entrepreneurial culture. In doing so, it is expected that a healthy business climate will encourage potential and aspiring entrepreneurs to start businesses.  Technical assistance and support for entrepreneurial development are provided through workshops, forums, business plan competitions, mentoring, web page resources and electronic and print material.

Rural Small Business Initiative

The Rural  Small Business Initiative supports businesses and their communities throughout the state with an emphasis on addressing the unique challenges and opportunities of operating in rural locations.  Services include providing specialized technical assistance to business at all stages of growth or experiencing downturns in the market, access to capital, workforce development, marketing, trade and requests for training.  The Small Business Initiative works with local, state and federal partners to help rural businesses achieve community success and business sustainability.

Disaster Preparedness & Recovery

A major crisis or disaster can seriously disrupt operations, or worse, put you out of business. Startup 365 provides small businesses with planning tools that will help them prepare and recover from natural and man-made disasters, from a robbery and hacking to a mudslide or earthquake. We all assist communities, economic development organizations and small businesses with recovery and sustainability efforts following a disaster.

Global Entrepreneurship Week

A week-long series of events, webinars, competitions, panels, showcases and learning opportunities geared to entrepreneurs or future entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses.

Check out last year’s Global Entrepreneurship Week, which included more than 100 events statewide in 2014. 2015 promises to be even bigger.