San Juan County Economic Development Council | Helping islands businesses to thrive

In addition to its on-going support of new and growing businesses in the islands, the EDC is currently actively leading or engaged in the following initiatives:

Trades Education

Members of first Marine Trades class

The local community has identified that it has a shortage of skilled tradespeople in the islands to meet the needs of our dynamic and growing community.  Addressing this need, the EDC has partnered with local businesses and education institutions to provide well paid career opportunities for island youth and residents.

The first major program under this initiative has been the Marine Education Program in which 17 students in the first program have successfully completed the first stage of their education and are progressing to apprenticeships or further technical education.

By 2018 we will extend this success to Construction Trades education (Carpentry, Plumbing and Electrical) as well as Apprenticeship programs for island youth.





The EDC leverages the expertise and generosity of local business leaders to promote and support young businesses growing in the islands.  From our annual business plan competition to comprehensive data resources for business planning to classes and one-on-one business coaching from highly successful island business leaders you will find the islands a welcoming place for nurturing your business idea.





San Juan Islands Made provides a common brand for businesses to certify to consumers the products they buy come with the distinction of being made in the islands.  A trait highly desired by visitors and resident’s alike as a mark of quality.