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Business Climate

Despite its island geography, San Juan County has a modern and resilient infrastructure, enabling strong business communications.   High speed fiber optic internet, up to gigabit speeds, and LTE wireless capability has been deployed over the past few years to all but the most remote corners of the islands. Our utilities are focused on providing a resilient and reliable infrastructure business owners can depend on.

Spend some time with us and you’ll quickly notice what is missing: the daily grind of heavy and unpredictable traffic, the parking fees, the malls and chain stores. We don’t have a Starbucks but get our daily jolt from 25 independent coffee shops, 3 times as many per capita in the Seattle area.

A 2015 survey of over 200 island-based businesses found that 60% of businesses found the overall business climate good or excellent. We do have unique challenges to navigate – the ferries, seasonal housing shortages, a small on-island labor pool – but these business owners found these challenges were more than offset by the strength of our community, the beauty of our environment, and an overall balance of life available few other places.


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