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Our physical environment attracts visitors from around the world. There is the natural beauty of our mountains and seacoast, the stimulation of a healthy marine ecosystem and calm of an environment without traffic jams or even traffic lights.

Your business and family can feel safe and secure, with far fewer concerns about crime than living in an urban environment – San Juan County’s violent crime rate is 58% lower than King County’s. The geology of the islands makes the community less vulnerable to earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic events than much of the rest of the Puget Sound region.   Our air, straight off of the Pacific, is some of cleanest in the country. The EPA rates the cancer risk of breathing our air as up to 5 times lower than downtown Seattle.

Blessed with a temperate climate where temperatures rarely exceed 75° in the summer or fall below 35° in the winter, San Juan County is identified as one of areas of the world least likely to experience major climate change.   The Olympic mountains provide a rain shadow that provides up to 50% more sunny days and 35% less rainfall than Seattle.


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