San Juan County Economic Development Council | Helping islands businesses to thrive

You already know what a great place the islands are for work/life balance but do you know all the ways the community can support your growth?   Team San Juans can be your partner in connecting you to the information and local resources to grasp opportunities and navigate obstacles and move your organization to the next level.

Take advantage of our many seminars and workshops each year.

Learn about our local economy and connect with island and state leaders by attending our annual DataPalooza and Economic Outlook Luncheon events.

In many cases we can connect you with accomplished on-island mentors who have expertise in your business area. Have you discovered a broader issue that is impeding your progress?  Team San Juans can be your champion in engaging local government and groups to lower these barriers.

Contact us at 360-378-2906 or to schedule a phone, video call or in-person consultation with an experienced business coach knowledgeable of local conditions and opportunities.